b r í a n   c r o t t y  


  My practice is primarily concerned with the disaggregation of mediated imagery. These images, culled from various arenas (film stills, internet blogs, scientific journals, children’s encyclopedias etc.) are placed in a state of flux through continuous collection and editing. Locked within this closed system, constantly looping and referring back on itself, these images form tenuous connections where cycles of meaning coalesce and deteriorate. Removing essential reference points reinforces the homogeneity of these images and by the same token disguises evidence of their original intention.

Presenting the final outcome of this process as a painting further exposes the gap between the reality of the image and the event, allowing undercurrents of meaning in the painted image to become unfixed. The contextual slippage of the original processed images, followed by their reconstruction as a painting, creates a synthetic hybrid reality which offers itself as a ground for the exploration of diverse phenomena. Film informs this process.